Saturday, 17 July 2010

Juno: On Watching Again

I love the dynamic between Juno and Bleeker in this film. She woos him by festooning his front lawn with oodles of his favourite tic-tacs, serenades him in a deleted scene and it is she who marches to his territory of the running track and declares her love for him.

He is not emasculated by any of this and is happy for her to come and get him. He also gives her a proper telling off when her jealousy over his prom date prompts some sulky needling.

And they sing together!!!!


  1. I love the way Juno basically takes over :D And now I really want to watch them movie again, or I need to at least listen to the music again!

  2. Yes, I want to get the album too! Apparently the record comes in orange vinyl which is obviously awesome.

  3. I think I am the only person left who hasn't seen this movie. I should probably get on that... :)

  4. I hope that you enjoy it when you do!