Tuesday, 15 June 2010

Behold: I Spoke Of This...

Here is the Sonnet Scene from My So Called Life.


  1. Oh, the memories! I need to get myself this series on DVD some day.

  2. I bought the series about a year ago and will never regret it. MSCL is one of those shows which gets better with time as you begin to understand the adult characters more than you used to and can guess at the futures ahead of the younger ones.

    God bless Winnie Holzman!

  3. OMG... You're bringing me back to the good ole days. I love that tv show, even though I watched in reruns on the family channel. There is something so honest and raw about those characters... before Jared Leto turned into a rocker with painted fingernails and wore eyeliner.

  4. Yes, let's forget about that particular transformation (but isn't it scary how little he has aged?).

    You are right, the show was honest and actually showed things as they were, down to actual teenagers, or at the very least young adults, playing teenagers rather than a bunch of thirty somethings. And the parents were either very much in their lives or very painfully not instead of just being minor bit-parts. The kids were kids, not little fashion-plate adults.

    I'm thinking of just turning this blog into an 'oh my goodness, how flippin' amaaazin' was My So Called Life?' website...

  5. :)

    I may come off sounding like a complete dork (or maybe I already have) but one of my favourite television shows about teens (apparently created by the writers of MSCL, or similar connection)is Roswell. Yes, it's sci-fi, but hear me out! :) The honesty of the relationships (despite the craziness of the plot) are what drew me in and kept me addicted. Unfortunately, it was canceled after three seasons but I bought the DVDs. So, whenever I need a little pick-me-up, I re-watch an episode. The two main "love struck" teens look at each other the same way Angela and Jordan would...

  6. I have heard of Roswell but never watched it and had no idea it was connected to MSCL in any way. I'll look out for it now, however, thank you for the recommendation!