Sunday, 20 June 2010

She's A Berry! (As In Nick, Non-Eastenders Obsessives.)

Well somebody looks like they're going to be ace in their cameo of Being Human, don't they Lacey Turner? Damn you, Turner why do I have the feeling that your post-Eastenders career is going to be brilliant?

Is it wrong that I want all my favourite Eastenders characters to live in the BBC studios for the rest of their natural lives, subsisting on BBC canteen pies and forced to act out increasingly out-of-character plot lines for my viewing pleasure?

I suppose that I shall now have to switch my Favourite Character anointment from Stacey to Tamwar, whose maturity and intelligence during the recent Gaysian storyline attracted my stalkerish admiration. I had originally lined up his father, Masood, for the role, but I don't like the new direction of the character and prefer it when Masood and his wife Zainab are delightfully in love.

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