Sunday, 6 June 2010

Whatever Happened to Unklejam?

...I wondered to myself as I boogyed around to their hit 'What Am I Fighting For?' yesterday afternoon. They also had a cracking single called 'Stereo', but I've not heard from them in three years, what gives? They were the British Outkast!

WAIFF? is ace. It starts off with doom-laden 'ooooohs' and a great bass-line with synthesisers whining and then one of them sneers 'yeeeah, yeeaah' and then they sing the brilliant:

Take my love I dont need, take my mouth, I cant breathe.  
Take my balls, organs too. All I ever wanted was to love you

Ha, 'take my balls...'

The video is great too, but embedding is disabled, so direct your delightful eyes here.

The dancing, videos, singing and lyrics were all very pleasing so WHERE IS MY NEW UNKLEJAM SINGLE?!!

Here is Stereo. And here is Love Ya, with it's big scream at the start and ridikulus dancing. It only got to number 55 or something.

Perhaps the problem is my tainted, career-killing love. I am beginning to worry that I am the kiss of death for pop acts. I blogged about Mini Viva's One Touch and it went into the charts at number 124. Sorry Unklejam, sorry Mini Viva.

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  1. Agreed. Unklejam. Nowhere to be seen? It's criminal!