Wednesday, 21 April 2010

On Mini Viva's 'One Touch'

Mini Viva's new single One Touch is due to be released on May 10th and it is pretty good. Like most Xenomania tracks you don't think much of it the first time you hear it but then it works its way into your brain and you are humming it in Tesco's like a senile old woman (or an oblivious 5 year old).

The band don't seem to have done as well as you would expect considering that a) Xenomania write their songs and b) they have the perfect pop star names of Britt Love and Frankee Connolly (I KNOW). There was even a television advert urging listeners to pre-order their last single 'I Wish' which shot into the charts at number... 73?

This song is better, but it does remind me of others. The 'hips, lips, fashion status, I get my kick....' sounds like the 'Walk, walk, fashion baby, Work it, move that bitch cer-azy' section in Lady Gaga's Bad Romance and the chorus is similar to that of 'Girl Overboard' by Girls Aloud.

It's like the song is a pie made from the left over fillings of other pop songs. It's still a tasty, tasty pie, however, and one that I shall purchase and boogy to incessantly I should imagine.

The video is not great. What is the premise behind these weird vids that have a lamp and a sofa to approximate a living space and then just have the group standing in various parts of the 'room' whilst kind of dancing but also kind of not?

It cannot be budget restrictions as an idea costs nothing. Some of the most celebrated videos have also been the cheapest (Verve's Bittersweet Symphony, Sinead O'Conner's Nothing Compares To You, Fatboy Slim's Praise You or OK Go's Here It Comes Again, for example) You have a catchy tune and two photogenic young women, it should be easy.

Anyway, sounds good:

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