Friday, 23 April 2010

Eastenders: Last Tango in Walford

This has just arrived. I have not watched it yet but, from the packaging I already know that: It contains exclusive new footage. It contains flashbacks; '25 Classic moments' (always the best). Ricky and Bianca do a Tango. THE CAST OF EASTENDERS PERFORM 'LOVE MACHINE' BY GIRLS ALOUD.

It will probably be the best DVD I ever own, or the worst.

Do you think that anyone involved with making this has actually seen 'Last Tango In Paris?' Should I expect a graphic sex scene between the happy couple involving Pat's kitchen floor and a tub of Stork?

This DVD is the best kind of present; one which delights you but that you could never openly buy for yourself. Other recent gifts to have fitted this description have been a copy of Heat Annual 2009 and a bottle of Cherry Lambrini.

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