Tuesday, 20 April 2010

Granta No.110, Spring 2010, S*x

The asterisk in the title of this post about Spring 2010's issue of Granta Magazine is not due to prudery, but because I do not wish to attract pesky, porny spam to this blog any earlier than its inevitable arrival. This ploy will probably not work.

Granta has always been a great place to find new writing from authors both established and up-and-coming.

Under the editorship of Ian Jack, a journalist by trade (and a great writer), the magazine seemed to consist mainly of reportage and memoir but it has recently begun to include more poetry, illustration and art photography.

S*x is a beautifully designed book with provocative cover photo by Billie Segal, gold lettering on the front and hot pink lettering on the spine and back.

The writing ranges from poignant memoir,( The Unwritable by Mark Doty); a fictional story about Kiyoko, the only female on a desert island populated by castaways, (Tokyo Island by Natsuo Kirino) and straight up erotica ( This is For You by Emmanuel Carrere).

I really love that Granta is more visual now. Dave Eggars provides four hilarious illustrations entitled Four Animals Contemplating S*x; there are photographs of deserted adult film sets by Jo Broughton and a strange, dreamy collection of images by Yann Faucher called Body.

I have not read the whole magazine yet as I prefer to dip in and out of it, giving each piece its own time and space. I am particularly looking forward to the Jeanette Winterson short story at the end; The Agony of Intimacy. She is an author who I have always been interested in reading but have not yet properly sampled.

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