Wednesday, 5 May 2010

The Curse Of The Golden Flower

This is supposedly the most expensive Chinese movie that has ever been made and it certainly looked like it. I have never seen a more sumptuous, visually engorged film in my life! Trays of golden filigree jewels, oceans of yellow chrysanthemums, suits of armour made of gold and silver, gossamer gowns in sweetie colours and brightly lit glass pillars in a palace that looked like a fluorescent tie-dyed t-shirt.

And the Ninjas! Proper knee high booted, all-in-black ninjas flying through the air on wires and doing a flying fox manoeuvre across a valley wall covered in thick green moss.

The storyline was like an incredibly bloody and violent episode of Eastenders. Family loyalty, a worn out marriage and sibling rivalry were all played out to their fullest conclusions.

There were potions too.


  1. Oh my gosh--the most amazing colors I have ever seen in a movie. I don't know that I cared that much for the story but I was engrossed in watching the way color was used in this movie.

  2. Desperate Reader reader, if you like ninjas and people being angry in nice dresses then this one's for you!

    Lisa, I know what you mean. Sometimes the story got a little bit lost but there was always something amazing to look at.

  3. Ooh loved this! I grew up watching similar films (old ones in B&W and in Chinese, which I couldn't understand) because these were the only things my grandfather watched. Have you seen House of Flying Daggers?

  4. Yes, and Halo! I love this type of film. Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon is also a big favourite.

  5. It does look amazing, sounds like I need to watch it :)