Monday, 3 May 2010

GA Getts perform 'Telephone'.

I know it is really late and lame to be still talking about this, but is the Lady Gaga video not pretty boring in the bits without music? 9 minute videos mean 6 minutes of 'acting' which is not what I require from popstrels. I keep fast forwarding through all the tongue-twiddling and sandwich eating (and that come from someone who has included sandwiches as one of her interests, see right.) The song is obviously amazing and my neighbours have been forced to listen to it about one million times. You're welcome neighbours.

I much prefer this video made by Anthony BB Kaye and the GA Getts who I believe dance with Girls Aloud when they go on tour. (?) It was filmed on a shoestring in one night and is just so joyful! The dancing is incredible...

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