Thursday, 13 May 2010

Yeah! New Stuff!

Mr Tea Lady was away recently and came back with some truly excellent stuff. First of all these:

I had said to look out for old Virago Modern Classics but had not held out much hope as books are Mr Tea Lady's nemesis. But he does love a charity shop... The only author I have heard of here is Vita Sackville-West. The cover of her book is beautiful and the Daughter of Earth image is striking but the other two are a little rank-looking.

I am shallow, so will read those two losers last.

Yes, I agree, this is the suavest LP cover that has ever been created. Champagne, brandy, a coffee with biscotti, tiddly cigarette and a single red rose. Looks like a special lady is in for a smoochy night.

This album is not Lionel's greatest work (I have all those already), but he always gives good LP interior:

No Lionel, thank you.


  1. Oooh...excellent finds! Vita Sackville-West is also the only one I'm familiar with, but it seems hard to go wrong with VMCs. Enjoy!

  2. Hi Nymeth,

    You're right, I trust Virago implicitly. I am going to attempt some Waugh for your 30s challenge... A Handful of Dust I think.

  3. All Passions Spent is a wonderful book.

  4. Hi Thomas,

    That is the one I intend to start first so I am glad that you said that.