Saturday, 1 May 2010

KoKo Pop

I watched my first edition of KoKo Pop today, the new Pop Music show fronted by Jameela Jamil on T4 for Channel 4.

I was really hoping that it would be a worthy replacement for Top of The Pops, but that dream was not realised. To be fair though, I do not think that I am in their key demographic.

The show takes place in a frenzied studio full of kids who must all be under 16. The general feeling is of a Smash Hits Poll Winners Party of yester year but one where you are actually afraid that some of the girls at the front are slowly asphyxiating during the performance. There is also an in-house pre-adolescent dance troup called 'The Popsicles.' That's weird.

Jameela's presenting style is in the T4 trad style of possibly sincere, (but probably not) over enthusiasm. She does look lovely though and there is no snootiness, which is refreshing.

The show does not do chart count down. Boo. It is great to have a pop music performance show back on terrestrial telly, however, and, as with all music shows, your enjoyment will entirely depend on the featured acts.

Performing this week were NDubz, who played twice and were interviewed by Jameela. The group were on a catwalk that went right into the audience and the audience were touching them!

Mini Viva were on too, wearing fantastical rainbow, winged eyeshadow and singing their soon to be released single 'One Touch' which is growing on me like a splendid, glittery, magenta and turquoise back-rug.

Lee Ryan performed his new song, Secret Love in the manner of someone who has picked a song to perform at Karaoke before realising that he only really knows the chorus. The song itself starts off with on-trend Gary Numan synths, rave klaxons and a frenetic dance beat, so all bases are covered. His vocals on the studio version sound kind of Shakira-ish at the start. I like ballad Lee! Let's all go and listen to 'Army of Lovers!' Actually let's listen to THIS which was great:


  1. Your blog is so varied - it's great! I haven't seen this, but I'm sure I'll come across it in my T4 watching soon. I get confused because all the presenters have the same presenting style and so they begin to merge together (is that Jameela or is is Alexa??) For the moment I'm too busy obsessing over the Graham Norton/ Andrew Lloyd Webber extravaganza Over The Rainbow...

  2. Thank you! Can you tell I have a short attention span? My love for X-Factor, Almodovar, Eastenders and Nabokov are equal!

    Do you think that the T4 presenters get sent to special classes where they're taught to curl their lips and talk sarcastically in posh stroke cockney?

    I have actually been banned from watching Over The Rainbow.