Thursday, 6 May 2010

It's Only Alternative if Gross Misogyny Isn't the Norm

Why was Lauren Laverne not advertised as a presenter for Channel 4's Alternative Election Night?

Why has there already been two sexual jokes about the opposition leaders' wives when only 6 minutes of the programme has elapsed?

Mention of pornography being an enjoyable pass-time? Check!

Arse-covering 'ironic' mention of Emmeline Pankhurst to show that they are being misogynistic in a post modern way? Check!

Congratulations Channel 4, only 16 minutes in and you have already disgusted me more than David Cameron ever has.


  1. Mur, mur, mur - I concur. (that's my house of commons grumble). You are absolutely right. I saw a picture of Lauren Laverne fronting this on the tinterweb and got completely confused - she doesn't feature in the ads at all! And why not? Boo to C4!

  2. It is incredibly depressing. Did they think that no-one would notice? Are we supposed to imagine that she just happened to be passing and decided to join in?

    It will only be okay it ends with Lauren being elected Prime Minister.

  3. Watching bbc news now. I'll bet that Gordon Brown would only jump at the chance to do a deal with Lauren. It's all still possible...

  4. Let's pretend that Gordon and Lauren are going to be co-PMs now, that'd be great...