Tuesday, 11 May 2010

I Wept Into My Tea...

Oh Gordon Brown leaving was almost as sad as Danielle being run over in Eastenders. One of the few politicians of recent times to combine talent, intellect and morality (along with middle-aged hotness), kicked out in favour of a man who can in no way represent the majority of the British public. And who has a face like a foot.

If only Tony Blair had joined a rock band and pretended to be Mick Jagger there instead of at 10 Downing Street. What an arse.


  1. You have summed up my feelings exactly.

  2. I'm glad someone agrees! I am already lamenting the loss of Gordon :( So awful that he got such undeserved terrible press. And now we have slimy Cameron as PM. *shudders*

  3. So undeserved, but I think that history will judge him kindly. Meanwhile, we'd better get out as many library books as we can, as all the public services will probably be gone by next weekend...aaarrgh.

  4. Did you just call Gordon Brown hot? David Milliband, I'll just about let you off with that one. But Gordon Brown? Really?

  5. Always, I've felt that way for years! The reason I like David Morrissey is that he played Gordon Brown in The Deal. What do you think about that? !

    Okay, so he's not a honey, but he is definitely the best looking out of him, Clegg and Cameron.